New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst-Qualifying Program

Individual Psychoanalysis Program Description

The Center for Human Development offers a curriculum leading to certification in individual psychoanalysis. This program meets the New York State academic and clinical requirements for licensure in psychoanalysis.

The academic component of CHD’s program comprises seven areas of study: I) Maturation: Developmental Theory; II) History of Psychoanalysis; III) Psychoanalytic Theory; IV) Clinical Studies; V) Practice and Supervision; VI) Research; and VII) Electives. Students are required to take 32 courses—in addition to meeting the clinical requirements described in the section entitled “Graduation Requirements for Certification in Psychoanalysis.” These requirements meet New York State standards for licensure in psychoanalysis.

Completing the Program

Students can complete the program within four years. Each course (with the exception of C105) meets for 12 one hour-and-a half sessions. Upon completion of program requirements—32 courses; training analysis hours; supervisory hours; and the Final Paper and Presentation—students will receive a Certificate in Psychoanalysis and will be able to sit for the NYS licensing exam in Psychoanalysis to get their LP credential (licensed psychoanalyst)

**To sit for the licensing exam in NYS for the L.P. credential, students need to refer to the following website to obtain information about the required 1500 hours of supervised experience in the practice of psychoanalysis.

The practice of psychoanalysis is defined as:

  • the observation, description, evaluation, and interpretation of dynamic unconscious mental processes that contribute to the formation of personality and behavior in order to identify and resolve unconscious psychic problems which affect interpersonal relationships and emotional development, to facilitate changes in personality and behavior through the use of verbal and nonverbal cognitive and emotional communication, and to develop adaptive functioning; and
  • the use of assessment instruments and mental health counseling and psychotherapy to identify, evaluate and treat dysfunctions and disorders for purposes of providing appropriate psychoanalytic services.

Not less than 750 clock hours of such required experience must consist of direct contact with clients. The remaining experience may consist of other activities that do not involve direct client contact, including but not limited to, supervision, personal analysis and professional development.