Founded in 2001 by Susan Jakubowicz and other cofounders, CHD is a psychoanalytic institute with a learning environment designed for students. We combine theoretical with experiential learning. Our high academic standards satisfy New York State requirements. Our program is based on the groundbreaking work of Hyman Spotnitz, MD, the founder of Modern Psychoanalysis, who developed theories and techniques for working with severely regressed individuals, as well as emotional communication. CHD prepares its students to become licensed psychoanalysts. We offer continuing education for licensed social workers, and other mental health professionals. We’re dedicated to developing well-trained and compassionate professionals. We also welcome those interested in personal growth and development.

What is Modern Psychoanalysis?

Modern Psychoanalysis emerged from the clinical research of Hyman Spotnitz, as a logical extension of Sigmund Freud’s approach. Freud contended that successful psychoanalytic treatment required a transference relationship developing between patient and therapist. Freud also believed that those who suffer from severe narcissistic disorders, such as schizophrenics, could not be helped by analysis because they were unable to develop a transference relationship or respond to interpretation. However, Spotnitz developed different techniques for treating even severely ill schizophrenic patients. These interventions helped patients develop a narcissistic transference that would lead to the formation of an object transference. Those special techniques became the basis of Modern Psychoanalysis.

Modern Psychoanalysts employ nonthreatening, ego-strengthening techniques that facilitate the narcissistic patient’s capacity to verbalize her/his thoughts and feelings. We maintain appropriate levels of stimulation (or frustration), respond to the patient’s contact function (when the patient asks the analyst a question) as a guide to intervene. Spotnitz developed numerous interventions, including object-oriented questions, joining and mirroring.

Another cornerstone of Modern Psychoanalysis is working with induced feelings (transference) from the patient. The psychoanalyst’s feelings (countertransference) toward the patient involves detecting subtle changes in a patient by analyzing their own reactions and feelings.

Modern Psychoanalysts also use emotional communications to strengthen patients’ egos and to avoid narcissistic injury. We allow patients to attribute strong, “dangerous” thoughts to the analyst, so those thoughts can be verbalized and explored. This helps patients mature from a narcissistic to a more objective state, even in cases involving dysfunction stemming from preverbal stages, or the most seriously afflicted, primitive psyches.

Executive & Administrative Offices

Executive Office

Susan Jakubowicz, Founding Executive Director
301 East 21st Street, Suite 1-K
New York, NY  10010

Administrative Office

Joan Antelman, Registrar, Administrator
515 East 14th Street, 8-H
New York, NY  10009

Board & Administration

Board of Trustees

John Augliera, LP, MA, Member-at-Large

Susan R. Blumenson, PhD, LP, Founding Member, Secretary

Susan Jakubowicz, PhD, LP, LCSW, CPG, Founding Executive Director

Allan Jay, BS, Chair

Calla C Jo, LP, LCSW, Member-at-Large

Harlan Matusow, PhD, LP, Member-at-Large

Michaela Kane Schaeffer, PhD, LP, Member-at-Large


Joan Antelman, LCSW, Registrar, Administrator

John Augliera, LP, MA, Associate Director, Alumni & Faculty Liaison, Student Advisor Coordinator

Susan R. Blumenson, PhD, LP, Dean of Curriculum

Susan Jakubowicz, PhD, LP, LCSW, CPG, Founding Executive Director

Calla C Jo, LP, LCSW, Co-Director

Harlan Matusow, PhD, LP, Co-Director

Michaela Kane Schaefer, PhD, LP, Research Coordinator


Eli Greenberg, MD, Psychiatric Consultant

Susan Jakubowicz, PhD, LP, LCSW, CPG, Group Program Consultant

Chairman of the Board

Allan Jay

301 East 21 Street, Suite 1K
New York, NY 10010

Allan Jay has been involved in the financial industry since 1979. He has been a principle of a number of financial firms that involved brokerage, asset management, fund management and advisory services.

Faculty Biographies

John Augliera, MA, LP

201 West 89th Street, Suite 5FF,
New York, NY 10024

Associate Director, Board Member, Faculty, Training Analyst, Supervisor, CHD; former Adjunct Instructor, Object Relations Institute and New York University; NYS-Licensed Psychoanalyst; Registered Analyst, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis; Member, American Psychological Association, Div. 39.

Susan R. Blumenson, PhD, LP

24 Fifth Avenue, Ground Floor Suite
New York, NY 10011
212-473-5580, Fax: 212-614-0746

Founding Member, Secretary of Board of Trustees, Dean of Curriculum, Faculty, Training Analyst, and Supervisor, CHD; Book Review Editor, Current Trends in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; Former Faculty Liaison for Student Affairs, Alumni Association Coordinator, and Faculty, College of Psychoanalysis, Heed University; Former Adjunct Assistant Professor, John Jay College for Criminal Justice, CUNY; Former Adjunct Faculty, The Union Institute; Former Board of Trustees, Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Faculty, Training Analyst and Supervisor, Mid-Manhattan Institute; Former Faculty, Training Analyst, and Supervisor, ACAP (Psychoanalytic Center of New Jersey); Registered Psychoanalyst, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, Society of Modern Psychoanalysts. NYS-Licensed Psychoanalyst; Vermont-Licensed Psychoanalyst; Former Chair of the Committee on Accreditation, American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis; Fellow, American Orthopsychiatric Association.
Publications include: “The Mirror of Silence: A Method of Treating a Preverbal Schizophrenic Patient,” “Incoherent Speech and Nonverbal Behaviors to Verbal Expression: Progress Through Minute Changes,” and “An Addiction to Acquiescing: The Inability to Say No.”

Susan Jakubowicz, PhD, LP, LCSW, CPG

301 East 21 Street, Suite 1K
New York, NY 10010
212-473-1400, Fax: 212-260-7564

Founding Executive Director, Board of Trustees, Faculty, Training Analyst, and Supervisor, CHD; Former Board of Trustees, American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis; Founding Editor, Current Trends in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; Director, College of Psychoanalysis, Heed University; Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University School of Social Work; Founding Member, Faculty, Training Analyst, Supervisor, Center for the Advancement of Group Studies; Former Board of Trustees, Dean of Training, Co-Chair of Program in Modern Group Psychoanalysis, Mid-Manhattan Institute; Past Vice President, Chair, Membership Committee, Society of Modern Psychoanalysts (SMP); Former Member, Membership Registration Committee, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP); Faculty, Training Analyst, Supervisor, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, Psychoanalytic Studies Program; Board-Certified Diplomate, Clinical Member, American Psychological Association; Clinical Member, American Group Psychotherapy Association; Certified Doctoral Addictions Counselor, National Board of Addiction Examiners; Certified Group Psychotherapist, National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists; NYS-Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, International Academy of Behavioral Medicine; Diplomate Status, Chemical Dependency Counseling, Professional Counseling and Professional Psychotherapy; Registered Psychoanalyst and Group Psychoanalyst, NAAP, SMP; NYS-Licensed Psychoanalyst; Vermont-Licensed Psychoanalyst.
Publications include: "The Use of Disturbing Countertransference Feelings in Working with AIDS Patients,” “Enriching the Experience of Teaching Through Understanding and Using Countertransference Feelings" (with T. Chuah), and "The Healing Journey: Preparation and Recovery from Surgery.

Calla C. Jo, LP, LCSW

31 East 12th Street #1E
New York, NY 10003

Co-Director and graduate of CHD; Adjunct Lecturer and Graduate of New York University Silver School of Social Work; Clinical Social Worker at Arista Center for Psychotherapy; Graduate of Yale University; Member, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis; Former Associate to the Royal Academy of Dancing; Former Faculty of Merce Cunningham Studio.

Harlan J. Matusow, PhD, LP

928 Broadway, Suite 1206
New York, NY 10010

Co-Director and graduate of CHD; NYS-Licensed Psychoanalyst; Project Director/Principal Investigator National Development and Research Institutes; Member, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.
Selected publications: The most critical unresolved issue associated with: psychoanalytic theories of addiction: can the talking cure tell us anything about substance use and misuse? Substance use & misuse 48 (3), 239-247; Factors Associated with Mental Health Clinicians' Referrals to 12-Step Groups, Journal of addictive diseases, 31 (3), 303-312; Consumers’ experiences in dual focus mutual aid for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, Substance abuse: research and treatment, 7, 39.

Michaela Kane Schaeffer, PhD, LP

170 Rugby Road

Brooklyn, New York 11226


Board of Trustees, Research Coordinator, Faculty, CHD; NYS-Licensed Psychoanalyst; Registered Psychoanalyst, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP), Society of Modern Psychoanalysts; Former Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; Former Board of Directors, Faculty, Riverdale Seminars in Modern Psychoanalysis; Former Board of Directors, Planning Committee Member, Brooklyn Seminars in Modern Psychoanalysis; Former Member, NAAP; Former Membership and Registry Committee, American Counseling Association.


Emeritus Faculty

Jacqueline M. Swensen, PhD, LP, LCSW

NYS-Licensed Psychoanalyst; NYS-Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Registered Psychoanalyst, Member, National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis.


Unpublished Dissertation: “Intervening Where Your Patient Is: A Modern Psychoanalytic Guide for Establishing and Building the Narcissistic Transference.”


Adjunct Faculty

Richard Friedman, PhD, LCSW

Graduate of CMPS and a NAAP certified psychoanalyst. Most recent article: “A Stubborn Resistance Resolved in Conjoint Modern Analysis and Hypnotherapy,” Modern Psychoanalysis, Vol 40, Number 2, 2015. He practices in New York City.
Selected Publications:
“An Informal Experiment in a Community College,” Modern Psychoanalysis, Vol. 2, No 1, Spring, 1977; “The Children of Psychoanalysts,” Current Issues in Psychoanalytic Practice, Vol 4, Nos 1/2, Spring/Summer 1987; “Psychoanalysis as Medicine, Psychoanalysis as Religion,” Journal of Religion and Health, Vol 34, No. 1, Spring 1995

Nicole Matusow, LCSW

Graduate of Rutgers University School of Social Work; NYS-Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Research interests and current therapy groups include women who are childless and artists/creatives; Develops educational modules for mental health professionals supported by NIDA and NIH; Artist and Writer.

Natalie Riccio, PhD, LP, LCSW

Additional adjunct faculty upon request

CHD’s Mascot


The Center for Human Development is not only people friendly — we are pet friendly, too! Rosenberg is part of our family and even with his busy schedule, he makes time to be our Mascot. Some fun facts about Rosenberg: he’s an Aussiedoodle, is both an emotional-support dog and a model, has appeared in Dolce Vita ss15 campaign, has participated in social media campaigns including Pepsi and Scoop, travels on planes visiting other Aussiedoodle friends, and enjoys having his picture taken. You can follow Rosenberg’s adventures on Instagram: @RosenbergTheDog

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